Anapilis Halls

Great Hall


Anapilis Halls Great Hall AThe Great Hall is the largest hall at Anapilis and is composed of a main floor and a large mezanine/balcony area. Up to 1273 people can be accomodated when both sections are used together.  

There is a raised stage area at the front of the hall, suitable for a head table and/or DJ area. The Great Hall has excellent acoustics and has been used on numerous occassions as a recital hall and a concert hall. 

Off to the side is a professional kitchen and food service preparation area with a walk-in refrigerator and freezer. The kitchen is available for rental or catering. The hall has its own bar and separate washroom facilities. 

Main Floor:
    Theatre style:  855
    Banquet:  700
    Dance:  700


    Theatre style:  418
    Banquet:  200
    Dance:  200


 Anapilis Great Hall - Folk Dancing Festival Anapilis Great Hall concert 
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